Saturday, November 28, 2009


This week we enter into the season of Advent, and this is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Advent is where we live on a daily basis - in the in-between times. it is a season of hope and a season filled with preparation. It is also a season that is filled with promise.

Last week Pr. Jennifer's grandmother passed away. She was 91 and lived a wonderful life. Her wit and sassy nature will be missed by everyone. During her last few days I was filled with a sense of awe - for her was this wonderful lady preparing for the end, and yet she had this spirit of hope continuing to permeate her being. She knew that she was embarking on a new journey where the promise of God would continue to hold onto her and bring her to the new life that was promised to her.

And that is what Advent is all about - the promise of God that we are his children and always will be. For now, we live in the gray, we live in the season of Advent, holding onto that hope and remembering that God will always be there for us - blessing us, loving us, and caring for us - as we are his beloved.