Friday, January 21, 2011

CT Results

Today I got the results from the my CT Scan and there is no cancer present. I can breath another sigh of relief now.

But it was unnerving for a few minutes there. It turns out that the radiologist had not sent the results over to my doctor, even though the test had been on Tuesday. So he went through the scans on the computer and he kept stopping at a certain area. Finally he said he saw something and wanted to talk to the radiologist about it. So they are on the phone talking about this thing they see, asking if I have a fever, etc. Finally they agree that it is probably an infection and I should take antibiotics for it. That would explain me getting winded running up and down the stairs too - so that is good.

The other option is that it is post-radiation changes. Hearing that I went over to my radiation oncologist and he looked at the report. His thought is that it is delayed radiation changes and he was going to look at the scan to confirm as well.

The great news is that it is either an infection or past-radiation changes. No cancer!

My next CT is on April 15th - last year on April 15th is when I had the cancer surgery, so this a good day to do another scan. The results will be out the following Wednesday.

Thank you for all the prayers and support. I truly appreciate. Tonight is celebration night!

Monday, January 17, 2011

CT Week

Tomorrow I go in for my second post-treatment CT. Doing the scan itself is no big deal, I have done enough of these now that it is a simple little process.

It is the mental stuff that still gets to me.

Thinking about the what the results might be is still frightening. I am very hopeful that all is well and the scan will be clean, but there is still that nagging little doubt in the back of my mind.

For example - for the past month plus I have been getting winded when I run up and down stairs or do something physical. I know that they took out a part of my lung, so getting winded should not be that big of a deal, but there is always the nagging thought of what else could be causing it.

But again, I remember how blessed I am that I have come this far with the treatment. I have gone through everything that I needed to, and my body has held up very well. So, as I said, I am hopeful that the results will be just like last time - a clean CT.

I get the results on Friday, I do appreciate all your prayers.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thankfulness Challenge Wrap-Up

The past month has been wonderful for me - making sure I take time to focus on all of the blessings I have been given and all of the things and people I am thankful for in my life. I have also heard from others that they got a lot out of it as well, and I am glad about that too.

Now, the goal is to continue that same attitude of Thankfulness on a daily basis. It is not always as easy thing to do, but as I have been reminded of over the past month, when I am thankful and see the blessings of life, life is so much more joyful.

The next couple of months will be prep months for Lent - I hope to be on here at least once a week. I have my next CT Scan on January 18th and will get the results of it on the 21st (prayers are always appreciated). So far I am physically feeling great and hopeful that the scan will come back clean again.

By Lent I will have a new devotional prepared that will focus on our prayer/spiritual life and finding ways we can talk about our faith. More will come on that later as well.

I hope you enjoyed the challenge and I will be back soon.