Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh the days we have

So I thought today was going to be a nice, easy day. I had a couple of meetings scheduled, time to do some work on newsletters and other paperwork, and maybe even a little bit of reading. But all that went out the window quite fast.

In the middle of one of my meetings I got a call that the mother of one of our custodians had died. So I went to the ER to meet up with him and walk with him during this time of grief and loss. When I got there he already had people with him to support and care for him, but it was a true blessing for me to be there as well.

During this time I was visibly reminded of the need for community. The need for others to walk with us during our times of sorrow and loss. The need of human contact and love. As humans, we were created to live in community, to live with others so that we can share in the experiences of others and they can share in our experiences as well.

So today, I invite you to reflect on the communities you are a part of. Reflect on those who give you strength, as well as the ones you are able to be with during their times of struggle. And also remember that central in these communities is God, the one who will always love and care for you.

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Lula said...

It's nice to be needed when someone is hurting--whether to listen, to offer a hug, or to offer a shoulder to cry on. I need people when I'm hurting but I'm afraid to ask. It takes trust. I need (I hate this word)"relationships". I try to be there for people but am afraid to ask people to be there for me.