Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Holding onto promises

This week has hit me hard. I started with two funerals, have a WELCA service on Saturday, a dear friend lost his mother, number of people on hospice, and lent is only a week away. So the busy-ness of the season is well upon me.

But as I was preparing for one of the funerals, I was reminded of the promises that Christ makes to us - promises of love, grace, forgiveness, and new life. In the hardest of times, it is these promises that hold onto us, helping us make it through the dark valleys so that we can celebrate the still waters and the restoration of our souls.

This week I also received an e-mail saying that the production of my book is about to start. It is a moment of great joy, as I am excited to see this happening, and a moment of, "Oh man, lent and this all together." Again I was reminded, rejoice in the gifts you have been given - and I will rejoice in this gift as well.

Throughout Lent I hope to be on here more often, providing some thoughts and reflections for all of you, as well as for me. Also I have a new Lent Devotional I will have available by Ash Wednesday. Anyone interested please let me know.

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