Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CT is Clean!

So my third post-treatment CT came back clean, and even the area that was affected by radiation damage was not as pronounced. The doctor was very impressed with everything - I love seeing the oncologist smile!

The other piece of good news has to do with the follow up. When I started this journey, I was told that I would have 4 CT's a year for 3 years, then 2 CT's a year for 2 years, and the magic number was 5 years, where the chance was recurrence was very unlikely.

Today I was told that with all changes to treatment with lung cancer, those numbers have changed as well. Now I need 3 CT's a year for 2 years. After that it is annual exams. What this means is that the magic number of years for a recurrence is 2 years instead of 5. I only need to do three more CT's and I reach the magic number! Oh, yes, God is good!

So there is my good news today. Blessings upon you.

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