Saturday, February 23, 2013

Luke in 40 - Luke 6

Luke 6:1-16

Today we hear about some of the changes that Jesus is initiating with his ministry. The religious leaders of the day lived in a very black and white world. This was what the law said, this is what we are supposed to do, there is no leeway in the law.

But Jesus reminds us that it is the people, the relationships, that are more important than the law. The law is supposed to enhance relationships, not push people into one category or another. The law is supposed to build up community, not divide it. The law is supposed to be a blessing, not a curse to struggle with.

So Jesus gives a new interpretation of the law, putting the people, the relationships first. It angers the religious leaders, as it is taking away some of their power. But Jesus’ ministry is about turning everything upside down.

How have you see rules be used to build up rather than tear down?

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