Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Feeling Good and Looking Forward

Well the first week after the chemo treatment was much smoother than I ever expected. The side effects were quite minimal and after 6 days I am almost at 100%. I truly hope and pray that the next three sessions are as smooth as this one.

The three minor side effects I had were a small bit of nausea (which was well controlled with some great meds), being tired, especially days 3-5 (naps are a blessing!) and the one that surprised me - the chemo hiccups. It turns out that the chemo I was given and the steroid that went with it can cause hiccups in some people. I got that one. On Tuesday night I got the hiccups four times, each one lasting about an hour. Luckily I now have a new med that I can take if it happens again.

On Tuesday (yesterday) I went in for my weekly blood draw and all of the panels look great. My system is adapting to the chemo extremely well and I am up and starting exercise once again. I am continually amazed at how blessed I have been through this entire ordeal. I feel good and I am full of hope that these treatments will wipe out any cancer cells that are hiding in my system!

After going through all of this I have come up with a couple of ministry ideas as well. The first one I am putting into action is the Cancer Prayer Support Group. We will be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at Our Saviors and it is for anyone who has been affected by cancer either themselves, family or friends. I also know that there are many people who cannot come to Beloit for this group meeting, so I started a group on Facebook that will tie in with it. On that page I will get the names of people who are battling cancer and we will hold them up in prayer during our regular group meetings. If any of you want some info on this please let me know.

Now may all you be blessed with open eyes to see all of the great gifts life has to offer you today.

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Barbara said...

Erik, I am so happy that this has gone smoothly for you. You deserve that, as does anyone who goes through just an ordeal. You are very strong and bring out the strength in me. Just hearing you talk makes my re-think how I should go about the daily struggles in my life. I love you and always have. Stay healthy and strong and keep it up.
Your good friend from Nina Clare!