Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Slower on the Uptake

Okay, this week I learned something new (I guess it is always good to learn something, right:). What I learned today is that after three sessions of chemo, the body is a bit slower to heal than it was at the beginning.

Normally I am feeling quite good by day 6 or so after chemo, this week I am on day six and I am still wiped out. The body is not doing what I want it to when I want it to, and that is a bit frustrating. So my whine for today is - C'mon body, get over it!

Now I know, in the big picture I am quite blessed with how well things have been going. To only have to worry about needing extra sleep and dealing with hiccups is very minor in all of this, but I guess I was spoiled from the beginning.

Wow - I just said I was spoiled during chemo. I never imagined that as a mindset I would have in my life.

So today I slept a little more, I took a few more breaks, I listened to my body. And all of these are good things. Maybe I am also being told to slow down in other ways as well.

Tomorrow I will be one step closer to being done with this part of the treatment. Today I will celebrate the fact that have this treatment to take care of the disease.

Yes, there are blessings - I just have to keep my eyes open for them.

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