Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Done with Chemo

Today I had my last chemo session - yeah!

It went ;like most of the other sessions, I had some wonderful people stop by and help pass the time. The nurses were great as usual and all the drugs tht needed to be given to me were. And when we were all done, I loving told the nurses I hope to never have to sit in their little green chairs again.

Before chemo I had my regular meeting with the doctor and learned a few things about the rest of the process. I will be meeting with the radiation oncologist next Monday. After meeting with him I will have a schedule and plan for the radiation therapy. In three months I will be have a CT Scan and meeting with the oncologist to see if the treatments are working. I will be having CT scans every three months for at least two years, maybe three. THen they will drop to every six months. The magic number is five - for making it five years after surgery and treatment with no relapse means that there is a very, very small chance that the cancer will return. I also learned thart because of the stage of my cancer there is at least a 50 percent chance of relapse. We are all hopefully that this stage of the treatment is working.

Overall I am feeling good. Tonight Jennifer and I will celebrate by going out to dinner and see RENT at a local theater. A nice little celebration before the meds wear off and I crash for awhile. Prayers are still appreciated and I will update when I learn more about the radiation.

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