Monday, January 17, 2011

CT Week

Tomorrow I go in for my second post-treatment CT. Doing the scan itself is no big deal, I have done enough of these now that it is a simple little process.

It is the mental stuff that still gets to me.

Thinking about the what the results might be is still frightening. I am very hopeful that all is well and the scan will be clean, but there is still that nagging little doubt in the back of my mind.

For example - for the past month plus I have been getting winded when I run up and down stairs or do something physical. I know that they took out a part of my lung, so getting winded should not be that big of a deal, but there is always the nagging thought of what else could be causing it.

But again, I remember how blessed I am that I have come this far with the treatment. I have gone through everything that I needed to, and my body has held up very well. So, as I said, I am hopeful that the results will be just like last time - a clean CT.

I get the results on Friday, I do appreciate all your prayers.


Peg said...

I remember exactly how nerve-wracking each check-up test could be. You will be, if you are not already, in more prayers than you can count.

Peg Ekedahl

Terry Bahnub said...

Hello Pastor Eric,

Very great news. We pray that you will continue to be free of cancer.

Terry & Dianne Bahnub