Thursday, May 10, 2012

A New Style - The Radiation Mask

So today I got fitted for a radiation mask. The one pictured is not mine, but similar. Mine does not extend below the neck. It is a weird sensation getting fitted for this mask. It comes as a flat sheet with holes in in that they pull over your face and mold to your head. Then it sits there as it dries. Later they took me to get a CT where they put marks all over the mask to ensure it would be lined up the same way every day. It is their way of making sure that they hit the same spot with the radiation every session.

Overall the experience was not bad at all. Even with my claustrophobia I was able to handle the mask fairly easily. During the prep time I talked with the doctor about some of the other therapies I had heard about and he even shared some hopeful news with me.

First, he was talking in terms of years. He said that he was fairly certain that they could take care of the spot on my C2 and it would not come back there (no guarantees of course).  His concern is it coming back in other places, and that is why I will be taking the pill as well.

He has done some research on the pill and seen good results as well. He also acknowledged that if the pill were to stop working then there are other drugs in trial stages that will be available down the road.

This is where he talked about years, which I silently rejoiced at hearing.

Next Monday I will start radiation. I have 15 sessions scheduled, so three weeks worth. The day after I finish my last session I meet with the oncologist and will probably start back on the pill. I also have it scheduled where I will get my radiation at 8:30 am, so I can get my treatment and go to work without any issues.

Emotionally it has been a bit of a rollercoaster the past few days, but now things are looking up once again. I really love this doctor and the hope that he brings with him. I know that I am surrounded in prayer and with the support of so many people, which I treasure.

So I have the weekend to get ready for treatment and then we are off and running.

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