Thursday, October 25, 2012

Everyday Life - Meet


Read Luke 24:13-35

As humans we are created to be in relationships. We need other people and others need us. It is a part of our DNA, to live in and be a part of community. There are times that we see the amazing blessings that come out of this gift of relationships, and there are times when we struggle with others. It is in both of these times, the good and the bad, that we are blessed to see the face of God shining through others. Yes, God meets us as we meet and interact with others.

In the lesson from Luke that I have referred to above, We hear the story of a couple of disciples of Jesus who have experienced the torture and death of Christ. Now they are on their way home and as they are walking another man joins them. We hear that this man is the risen Jesus, but the travelers do not know that.

So they walk and Jesus talks and explains everything that has happened to him to fulfill the scriptures. Then, when they get to town, they invite him in for a meal. And it is there, in the breaking of bread, that their eyes are opened to Jesus in the midst of them.

I think that it is like that for us sometimes. We meet up with others in our lives, spend time talking with them, getting to know them, crying with them, and celebrating with them. But often we miss the face of God in them because we are so focused on something else. Then, when our guard is down, boom, our eyes are opened and we see God right there in front of us. We then also realize that God was always there.

So for your reflection today, think about some of the people you have met in your life. Think about the roads you have traveled with them. Then ask yourself, where do you see God in this relationship?

Let us pray: God of all grace, open our eyes so that we may see you in the faces, hands, and hearts of those around us. Inspire us with your grace and empower us to live the lives of love you have called us to live. Amen

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