Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm Back

So I have taken a couple of months away from this blog as a little breather. In my last one I shared the good news that the pill I am on was working and all of the spots I had were gone.

After that I needed some time to just breathe. The nine months leading up to that point were very stress filled and I needed to take a little distance from all of this and regain some focus.

So I took a couple of months off of here and focused on all of the fall activities that have now started, the new lectionary we are using in worship, and spending more down time with my family. It has been a nice little break, and now I am ready to start up again.

First, on the health note, all is going well. The pill I am taking has very minimal side effects and the doctors are encouraged as to how things are going. I go in monthly for bone hardening shots and I will be having another PET Scan on November 8th, getting the results on the 12th. I am very hopeful at this point. I also know that there are a number of new drugs in trial stages, if needed down the road.

Second, I have been looking at some ways to adjust my devotional life. For a number of years I have been doing the same thing, picking a few passages to read and reflect on daily. Now I am using some guided readings from the YouVersion Bible App. Currently I am spending 90 days reading through the history books of the Old Testament. The reason I bring this up is that it is my goal to have one blog a week focusing on a devotional practice or a devotion itself. I am aiming for this to be on Thursdays.

Third, I was reminded, again, just how important humor is through all of this. So I want one of the blogs I do every week will be something humorous, either in my life, in the lives of people around me, or something I find in the world. I hope to have this on Tuesdays.

And fourth, I will continue to do updates on me, physically, spiritually, an d emotionally, but I want this blog to expand beyond that. But if any of you have questions or want to chat with me, please let a note on the blog or e-mail me. I would love to make this more interactive and even spend some time answers questions, faith or otherwise, that you might have.  Conversation, as you know, is important to me.

So, I am back. The break was nice, and I am ready to jump back in with both feet.

God Bless.

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