Sunday, July 21, 2013

Being a Worshipper

Today is the fourth Sunday of our sabbatical, which means it is the fourth Sunday that we are worshipping in the pews (or chairs) as a family and not leading worship in one way or another.

It is a weird experience.

Sunday mornings are normally the busiest mornings of the week in our household, but during our sabbatical I have been able to sit back, do some devotions, drink coffee, watch the final round of the British Open, and let the girls wake up on their own.

The rush of the morning has slowed down.

A lot.

And as weird as it is, it is also nice.

The time that we have to eat together, worship together, just be together is a real blessing, and I am grateful for this time to just "be" with the family.

I am grateful to be the dad in the pew who hears his daughter give a strange answer in the children's sermon and just smile and laugh.

I am grateful to commune with my wife rather than give communion to my wife.

I am grateful to hear the Word preached and not think about what has to happen next in the service.

I am grateful to leave after the service and not wonder if I forgot to turn off a light or lock a door.

I have been grateful to be a worshipper.

And .. I am getting some great ideas to bring back when this sabbatical is over!

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