Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Taking A Knee

Back when I played football in high school the coach would often gather us up and yell for us to "take a knee." Then he would go into his speech of the day.

Whenever I heard the phrase "take a knee" I would think back to Billings Senior High and that coach.

Except earlier this week.

Earlier this week "take a knee" took a new meaning for me.

A little background first - the medication that I take for my cancer has a number of side effects. Luckily I do not get many of them. Occasionally I have some vision issues, but they are minimal and go away quickly.

But one thing that does happen is quite often I get light headed. It normally happens when I am getting up from the chair, but sometimes is delayed until  I have taken a few steps.

Earlier this week the girls were at school, Jennifer was off doing some work, and I was home alone. As I walked into the kitchen I was hit with a head rush.. It was one of the more severe ones I have had, and I had to take a knee in order to avoid losing my balance.

It is a strange sensation realizing you have to do something to avoid collapsing.

It passed quickly, as it normally does. But for a few minutes I remained on my knee, thinking about what had just happened.

It is times like this, as rare as they are, that I reminded that I am still battling this cancer.

I can go days and not think about cancer. I can take my pills, go to doctors appointments, and live my life pushing the idea of cancer to the back of my mind.

But sometimes I am faced with a pretty blunt reminder. I am still fighting this disease.The fight is going well. I am in remission. But the battling is ongoing.

So as I was down on that knee having this reminder take place, I was also reminded about how blessed I am. I am blessed not only in the medical advances they have made, but I am also blessed with the support, guidance, and love of those around me.

And it is through them that I am blessed to see the face of God.

Eventually I got up, and having forgotten what I was going into the kitchen to get, returned to the living room and spent some time writing down the names of all the people who are blessings to me. It was a tangible reminder of many ways God continues to be active in my little part of the world.

So the next time you need to take a knee, why not spend some time down there and reflect on the people who are blessings to you.

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