Tuesday, April 15, 2008

6:00 am flights

One of the things I have always struggled with is coming off of vacation, and esp. the day before I return to work. Part of my struggle is that final travel day - trying to get home and not forget anything in a hotel room.

Today we had a flight leaving Florida at 6:00 am, and with all the security issues and distance from the hotel to the airport, we had to get up at 3:45 am. Luckily, Sierra was very good, she got right up, threw on her clothes, and was ready to go. And, lucky for us, Krispy Kreme had a 24 hour drive through, so a little sugar and coffee always helps:)

The only real blip on the day was when i forgot to turn in the keys for the rental car, and had to go through security a second time just to get the keys back - but we still made the flight and got in on time - naps were had by all when we got back to Beloit.

So what does this have to do with faithsteps? Well, we can plan and plan in life, but there will still be blips and bumps along the road. We need to be flexible and open to different struggles and changes (yes, the "c" word) in everything we do, and always celebrate the time we have with our loved ones.

One the first leg of the flight I was sitting next to Sierra, who was jolted awake with her infusion of a sprinkle doughnut. She wanted to play, talk, sing, and work on her activity books like crazy. At first I was nervous she was too loud for those around us, but then I thought - isn't it great that she wants to have fun in a cramp space. So she sang her made-up songs and church songs (I heard "Halle, halle" at least a dozen times) throughout the flight. When we landed, the ladies behind us praised her for being such a good kid.

So - get a doughnut and a cup of coffee - sing some songs - enjoy what you have - for you are a blessed child of God, and let us share those blessings with others.

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Betty Dygart said...

Pastor E said, "We need to be flexible and open to different struggles and changes in everything we do, and always celebrate the time we have with our loved ones."

That sentence struck me in my present situation. I am a bit put out with my sister. For months, she has been at me to accompany her to a Mel Tillis concert, and I agreed, even though I am not a fan of country music. I would do it for her.

Well, the concert is coming up this weekend and I had sent her the money for the bus and show weeks ago. Last Thursday,I got a call/message from the radio station in Hartford, WI who is sponsoring the trip, that they are waiting for their money, and would I please put it directly in the mail if I still wanted to go on the trip!

I went immediately to the phone, got my sister's answering machine, and left a message that I had gotten the call from the radio station...and what's up?

She never called me back.

Friday, I went to my computer and sent her an email, asking her if she was expecting me to pay directly to the radio station and whether she was "sick and tired" of playing the role of middleman with these trips we have taken with the radio station.

Again, no response.

Saturday morning, at 10:30, I called her again, and got her answering machine. I began a message stating how worried I was, was she not well, or what? That I was going to put the money in the mail to the radio station...

When suddenly, she picked up the phone!

She says to me, "I'm eating my breakfast!" (Like that was an excuse for not answering the phone.) She never even apologized for worrying me. Didn't seem to pick up on my feelings at all, but just said, "I sent the money in yesterday." We talked, and I let her be who she is.

And,things would probably have been okay, except on SUNDAY, (when she finally got around to reading the email I had sent to her on the previous Friday), she zapped one back to me in ALL CAPS saying, "Everything has been taken care of, Betty!" Like I am the dense one. I give up.

Anyway, sometimes it's hard to do what Pastor E said, "be flexible and open" when people treat you like you aren't important and don't matter much.

I am struggling now with my feelings in relation to my sister. I did email her, telling her how she made me feel. I got an email back, which she probably views as an apology, but it isn't an apology. Her message was,"Well, are YOU perfect? I have a lot of things bothering me right now and I am NOT PERFECT!"

Always, with her, 'something is bothering her' and she uses it as an excuse for bad manners. I considered emailing her back, but I prayed instead. I pray for her to move outside of herself, to consider how others are made to feel when they are around her. God knows, I have not been able to move her; maybe He can.