Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Those of you who know me know that I am the "joyful noise" guy. I love to sing, I love music, but I am not gifted at singing. Even when I was in junior high I was asked to leave the choir because of my poor singing ability. I didn't sing again until I was in seminary.

But now, even though I am not great at it, I sing - I sing hymns, praise songs, and childrens songs. I even sing to the Wiggles when I must:)

When our daughter goes to bed at night we have a little ritual we go through. We read some books, pray and bless each other, and then she gets tucked in. Sometimes, when she is lying in bed she asks to sing a song. Often times this is done to delay bedtime, but who can resist singing with a child.

So we sing, quite often we sing "Jesus Loves Me" or another song she has learned at church or school. Lately the song she likes to sing is "We are messengers." It is a call and response song she learned at school that goes like this:

We are messengers we are messengers
Messengers for God messengers for God
We can tell our friends we can tell our friends
Love one another love one another

It is a simple song, but it is a wonderful reminder of what the Christian life means.

God loves us in amazing ways, and this good news is something that is so great we cannot keep it to ourselves. So God invites us to share that gift, that good news, with others. And the heart of the good news is two-fold - God loves us, and we are called to love one another.

Wouldn't it be great if that is how all of us lived our lives - loving God and one another above all else. Imagine how the world would be if love - the love of God and others - was what dictated the actions of all people in the world. No more war, violence, or threats - just love, peace, and compassion. A view of heaven maybe?

So, I am going to keep singing. It may not be pretty, it may not be on key, but it will be a joyful noise to God. For the love of God and the love I aspire to have with others, is something worth singing about, wouldn't you agree?

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Betty Dygart said...

How simply awful that anyone would EVER be asked to leave a choir, especially a child in junior high! The teacher in me just cringes to hear that something like that happened. Yes, Pastor E., you just keep right on singing...I think you have a wonderful voice.

Singing has always been second nature to me. It is because of my mother. She had a beautiful voice and was always singing or humming. I find myself doing that more and more as I age. It is a comforting thing.

Often I find myself humming a church hymn, even at work. Shortly after I began work at the Beloit Daily News, the local news editor, who had come to work at the computer across from my desk, stopped what he was doing and good-naturedly leaned over to say, "If the boss hears you humming, he will think you are enjoying your work." To be honest, I didn't even know I WAS humming. That's how ingrained my music has become to me.

I just finished reading the next chapter of the book given to the church board to read. I am enjoying the book. This chapter discusses revitalizing the spirituality of your church. It is so pertinent to Our Savior's, as well as to me personally.

My spirituality has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. I have found new peace and contentment in my life and so much certainty. "Let go; let God" has become an easy phrase to remember. Yes, it would certainly be a wonderful world if it were filled with spirituality, love of God and of one another.

It has to begin somewhere, so let it begin with me. Whenever faced with someone coming to me disturbed over what someone else had done, my response has always been, "You cannot control others; all you can do is control YOU." So, lead by example. Do good, and perhaps others will return the favor. Perhaps not. All you can do is hope and pray.

Today, I thank God for all the good that has come to me, most especially the report I received of a normal MRI from the doctor yesterday. The hearing has not returned, but I am at peace with that. No brain tumor is good news.