Saturday, April 19, 2008


This afternoon, Jennifer got a call from a pastor in the synod. Her best friend's, Amy's, husband Jon, passed away. He was 36. They have a very young son. The loss was unexpected.

We hear over and over again that life is precious. Losing loved ones is very difficult. And losing people who are so young and have so much to offer is very painful.

In times like this I am reminded of two things - first (and this is a theme you see over and over again on this blog), we really need to make time for those who are important to us. We never know how long we have with people, and we need to make the best of that time. This means working through issues, sharing love, and basking in each others presence.

Second - there is the promise of new life. In the church year we are still in the Easter season. We are continually reminded of the fact that Jesus defeated death and new life is promised to us all. This does not eliminate pain or grief. It does not mean that we are always happy and just moving past difficult issues. It means that in the midst of our grief, Christ is there. He is weeping with us, wrapping his arms around us, and loving us into his kingdom.

Please keep Jennifer and Amy and her family in your prayers.


Betty Dygart said...

There is so little anyone can say at a time of loss, most especially when the person lost is so young. My condolences to all concerned; my prayers are also with Jennifer and her friend Amy and family.

Spending time with family is good, but I am the first to admit that it is not always easy. My trip with my sister and other family members today went fine, but I am always glad to get home again.

We are so different. And, I have learned not to expect too much from any outing with them; that way, I am not so disappointed.

In the end, we must all find our own peace and I continue to seek mine.

ingrids1088 said...

My prayers of sympathy go to Pastor Jennifer and friend Amy.
I have a daily drive that meanders from countryside into the city. Today,since reading Pr. E's blog, I am struck by the abruptness of springtime. The daffodils and crocuses can hardly refrain from bursting into bloom and the mid-canopy of the forest, the redbud and dogwood, have swollen leaf buds on long dormant trees. A too stark contrast with the shivery stillness of death.

And I ask,"Why Me"? Why am I blessed, at my age, to see, savor and relish yet another springtime?
And why is another denied the same?
Neither of us deserves the outcome that was received- it is not about deserving!

And "Why" do I care and pray for someone unknown to me? That is easier- because we are bound together in faith.

And what if, when in dire need, it just doesn't seem like quite enough to know that someone cares and weeps with us- even if that someone is Jesus? My faith is so small.