Tuesday, May 27, 2008


A couple of weeks ago Sierra started something new. For quite a while she has had a little nightlight in her room, but lately that has not been enough. She now "needs" to have the bathroom light on to shine a little extra light in her room as she goes to sleep. Some nights, when we go to turn the light off after she has fallen asleep, we will hear her cry out "No, no, no, I cannot see." And the light stays on longer.

Light represents safety for her. When the light is on, there is she is more comfortable and the darkness is not as scary. When looking at life through the eyes of a child, it is no wonder that the light/darkness images appear in the gospels as much as they do. Darkness is the scary stuff in life - evil, chaos, frightening things - and light is the good stuff - hope, peace the presence of God.

We all go through times of darkness in our lives. We walk through those "darkest valleys" often fearing what may be lurking out there and where we may be going.

But we have the ultimate nightlight in our lives as well. That wonderful, never-ending presence of God who brings the light of his presence, grace, and love to us in amazing ways. Sometimes our darkenss may be shattered by a call from someone unexpected; sometimes it may be broken by the loving touch of a friend; and sometimes it may disappear with a God moment either big or small that tells us that God is right here, with us now, and blessing us with what we need to make it every day.

So may you see that sliver of light shining in your life. May your darkness give way to the light of God. And may you always be blessed with the knowledge that you are loved, cared for and needed by the one who created all and loves you to the end.

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lula said...

We all need nightlights. We need to know God is with us when we're doing great and when we're struggling. We also need to let God use US as nightlights for others. Maybe it's a hug or a touch. Maybe it's a phone call asking, "how ya doin'?" Maybe God will use us to listen when someone needs to talk. Maybe we can deliver cookies (well, not me cuz I don't cook or bake). Sometimes we need a nightlight "with skin on". I pray that God can use me that way.