Thursday, May 1, 2008

Professional Eating Contest

As many of you know, I am a sports nut - I love to watch and play all kinds of sports. So when I watch TV I often have it on ESPN and when I am in the car, I am tuned into ESPN radio. One of my favorite radio shows is on ESPN2 as well - called Mike and Mike in the Morning. Since Sierra was a baby, she learned about this show and knows the two Mikes well enough that she calls out their name when she sees a ad with them on it.

Every year on Mike and Mike they have a bet about March Madness - last year Mike Greenberg had to milk a cow in the studio when he lost. And this year, Mike Golic lost and he had to participate in a professional eating contest in studio. Today was, as they called it, the Feast on the First. so when I got home from the gym, I turned on and watched four men eat as many buffalo wings as they could in 3 minutes. Great TV:)

After it was over, and all the guys ate from 1 pound to 3 pounds of wings, I started thinking.

What in the world do we do to our bodies!!

I was just at the gym, I had been lifting and run on the death machine (also known as a treadmill), and I come home and watch four guys stuffing their faces with very unhealthy food.

There is that line in scripture that says our bodies are temples, and we are to treat them as the holy gifts that they are. We are blessed to have these bodies, and we need to take care of them not only for ourselves, but also because in doing so we are honoring God and what he has given us.

I then flipped to CNN and saw a report where high school students were leading classes to help autisic children learn how to swim - such a difference then the stuff-your-face-with-everything contest. These youth were taking their time and their gifts to help build up others and show love in the lives of children with major struggles.

What are we doing with our bodies?

As I think about this, I am reminded of what a blessing it is to have a body that functions - even if it is a little bigger than it should be. I am blessed to have the opportutity to use this body in ways that glorify God and help others.

Now, I am still going to watch and listen to Mike and Mike, and get some good laughs while I hear about different sports. And, I am also going to spend that time on the machines-of-extreme-pain, to try and get this body of mine back into the shape it should be in.

All the time, remembering that I am blessed to have what I have.

Remember your blessings, and may we all honor our bodies as the true gifts that they are.

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