Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Day

Today has been one of those wonderful summer days - the sun shining, the birds singing, and having the time to get out and play.

I spent most of the day with Sierra. We went to the Farmer's Market, checked out some books at the library, then went home, got her bike, and went down to the park by the river so she could ride somewhere other than the driveway.

As we started out, it was a nice little ride - then we came to the spot between the river and the lagoon, and we saw that the water had risen so high that the there was only a narrow sholder on either side of the bike path.

Well, that didn't stop us, and she rode the entire path around the lagoon - she napped very well this afternoon!

But as we walked and rode, I started thinking about the two extremes - such a great day, and so much destruction by the water around us. This water has flooded many homes and places of work. it has caused an amazing amount of damage. And yet, we were having such a wonderful time in the midst of it all.

And you know, that really is like life. Some people are having the greatest times of thier lives, while others are struggling with unbelievable difficulties.

Isn't it reassuring to know that when we are both celebrating and struggling we have a place to go and a people to gather with. You see, the church is such an essential part of life because it is a gathering of people like us - broken, in need, and searching. It is a gathering of those who are both joyful and sorrowful. It is a gathering where we can celebrate and mourn. It is a gathering of people on the same journey that we are on. What a blessing it really is to have this Body of Christ to gather with.

So today, may you be strengthened on your journey with the blessing of others. May you be lifted up by the Body when you are struggling. And may you be united with others in your times of celebration.

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Betty Dygart said...

Pastor E said, "...the church is such an essential part of life because it is a gathering of people like us - broken, in need, and searching."

How true. I am so thankful that Our Savior's is; the people who are actively supporting it are my extended family. I also cannot say enough about the positive and uplifting work that is done by Pastors E & J.

Yes, bad things are going on around us, people die, people mourn; natural disasters occur, like flooding, tornados, and earthquakes. All of these things have been in the news just recently.

Yet, the Church remains, its strength drawn from the very essence of God, lovingly cared for my the many disciples who believe in everlasting life and the promise of the Resurrection.

"This world and then another," was a favorite phrase of my mother. She said it whenever things were getting her down, or some new challenge loomed, and she had many. I can often hear her saying in my head, and it is a comfort. So it is with the Church.

Today I thank God for Our Savior's, its pastors, and all in the congregation who make it what it is.