Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sing A Song

Last night we had our annual Christmas at Twilight concert. It was the first year that Sierra sang with the youth choir, and she was very excited about the whole thing. As soon as she woke up on Saturday morning she was asking when she got to go to church and find a robe to wear - same question, all day:)

The concert was wonderful, the music was inspiring, and Sierra had a blast. She and her friend Grace sat up front for the entire concert, and did well most of the time. During the songs that they sang the two of them danced and had a blast. During the times the other choirs were singing or playing bells, they quiety played with each other, and avoided looking at her parents as she played with the velcro on her shoes and swung the edge of her robe back and forth.

In watching all of this, I was amazed at how fast she had grown up. Her first Christmas at Twilight, four years ago, she was just like Scarlett, sitting in my arms, staring at the lights, and cooing to the music. Now, she was one of the choir, and loving the opportunity to sing with her friends.

Music brings warmth and joy to a persons heart. Last night that was esp. true. Not only the actions of my oldest daughter, but the music that brought us into the Christmas spirit. For me, this concert is the start of the Christmas season. The joy of the songs, candles, and smiles on peoples faces reminds me that God is a God of relationships, and his love for us is unending, full of grace.

So today, may you be blessed with the gift of song. May you celebrate this season by joining your voice to the choirs of angels, singing praise to the Christ who loves you. May you be blessed with warm memories and joyful hearts.

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