Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Last night we had a swim lesson for Sierra. It was the first in the new session, and over our vacation we had worked with her on jumping in and practicing her strokes. See, she has been really good at a lot of the swimming stuff, but refused to jump in. Well, last night she wanted to surprise her teacher, so before class started she told her that she had a surprise, got the teacher to go in the water, and jumped right into her arms. She then proceeded to have her best lesson every - swimming with the kickboard and noodle without the teacher holding on to her, jumping in, and bobbing like crazy. I just gleamed with pride as I watched her do such a good job.

Later that night, when I was the only one awake, I started thinking about pride - the pride I had in Sierra for what she had done. And I started thinking about God - how when God sees us move out of our comfort zones, challenge ourselves, and use the gifts he has given us - how he must feel that same sense of pride.

God is that loving parent who wants us to grow and flourish in life. He showers us with gifts, love, and forgiveness - all the things we need to take chances and reach out in life. And when we try - not necessarily succeed, but try - God must have a grin on his face like I did last night. For he sees us out there, living life to the fullest, and his heart is filled with joy.

So today, may you try something new. May you boldly jump into the waters of life, knowing that God's hands are there to catch you and care for you. And may you sense the pride that God has in you each and every day.

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