Thursday, January 29, 2009

Joy at the end of the Pool

Last week at Sierra's swim lesson, as the lesson was coming to an end, the teacher came up to the three students and said, "You have all done so well, we are going to do something new. We are going to take the kickboard and swim the entire length of the pool." Well, Sierra was up first, and she was excited. She grabbed that kickboard and took off with her teacher right next to her. She went the entire length, with very little help, and was excited, and tired, when she got done. She then got up on the end of the pool, in the deep end, and watched her teacher go back for the other girls.

As she was sitting there I saw pure joy on her face. Here was this little girl, sitting all by herself on the edge of the deep end, just laughing and smiling. It was one of those moments when she knew she had done something really good, and she was giddy with joy over her accomplishment.

Seeing her sit there and smile and laugh reminded me of how accomplishments give us such joy. When we do something we have never done before, there is a sense of relief and happiness in what we have done. Sierra just let that happiness ooze out of her body as she sat there and it was a true blessing to see.

So today, may you look for the joys of life in both the little and the big things. May you celebrate your accomplishments, however great or small they are. And may you thank God for giving you the gifts to accomplish those goals.

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