Thursday, July 30, 2009


That is the number of lunches we served today at our lunch ministry. Last week we had 86, this week we grew huge, even ran out of sandwich meat, twice! But boy, were they ever happy to get meals!

This ministry is really at the heart of how we live out our calling as Christians. We are empowered to serve God by serving others. We are gifted by the Spirit to share our gifts with others. We are enriched with God's grace so that we may enrich others in their lives. To be a follower of Christ means we need to get our hands dirty, and in the process we may see the face of Christ shining back at us. And I saw that beautiful face many times this afternoon as I was scurrying around trying to make sure we have enough for everyone to eat.

So may you be blessed with dirty hands as you bring the light of Christ to others.

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