Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to Reality

We just got back from our annual post-Easter vacation. We had gone down to Florida with Jennifer's family and had a great week at the beach. My mom came over for a few days as well, and it was nice to see her too. It was a great week to just get away from everything that has been going on around here.

And now we are back. This week will be a busy one to say the least. Tomorrow will be clean up around the house, then on Tuesday we get back into the swing of things at church.

On Tuesday night we will be having a healing service at the church. Right after I announced that I have cancer, the president of the congregation asked if we could hold a service like this for me. After some thought Jen and I agreed that this would be good a thing to do, but not just for me. Instead it is a service for anyone who needs healing in their life. One of our friends who is a pastor in the area will be leading the service. I invite all who are able to come and join us. It will be on Tuesday at 7pm at the church. If you need directions, please let me know.

On Wednesday I find out what time the surgery will be. Jen's mom will be coming down to watch the kids on Thursday, during the surgery. As of now, Jen is planning on coming back Thursday night to take care of the girls. She will then bring them up on Friday after Sierra is done with school. They will spend the night at a hotel in Madison. Hopefully I will be coming home on Saturday or Sunday.

As i learn more, I will update everyone here. Right now I am feeling pretty good about everything. I am sure that the nerves will kick in later this week, but I am in good hands and have a lot of support. You prayers are still appreciated.

Until later ...

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