Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Breeze of the Spirit

The healing service tonight was wonderful. Our friend Mary came and led it for us and the congregation and she did a great job. I am so grateful that she agreed to come and all she did, and that Al come up with the idea to do the service - it was a moving experience tonight.

The healing services we do are a little tame compared to what many see on TV. But there is a part in the liturgy where people can come forward and the leaders of the service will anoint with oil, lay on hands, and pray for healing. Tonight Mary invited everyone to come forward and lay on hands with the leaders. I don't know how many people were laying hands on me and Jen, but I felt a lot of them there. And through this I felt the moving of the Spirit.

I know that healing comes in many ways, and tonight I felt that healing presence in a very profound way. I know going into the surgery on Thursday that God will be walking into that OR room with me, using the surgeon as his healing presence in my life, and that cancer will be removed.

Tomorrow i find out the time of the surgery, when I know I will post it as well. Thanks for all your prayers and support.

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