Monday, August 2, 2010

Radiation Schedule

Today Jennifer and I met with the radiation team who I will be working with next with this whole process. They seem like some great people and the doctor was extremely personable. It turns out that Jennifer and I went to seminary with his niece as well, so that was a nice connection.

On Wednesday I will be going back to get everything lined out as to where they will be doing the radiation. They will be doing a CT Scan and marking the areas that they want to focus on. According to the doctor, they will be focusing on the lymph node areas, since the main tumor was taken out and the lymph nodes are of the most concern. The hope is that the nodes that were left as all clean now, but instead of taking any chances they will use the radiation on them.

Then I am going to go to the Twin Cities for a few days. I am going to meet with a few friends and celebrate the end of chemo. I will be back on Sunday night.

The following week is when I will start radiation. It looks like I will have about 30 sessions. Sessions take place daily and last 10-15 minutes. The side effects seem quite minimal compared to radiation, but it is also cumulative, so it will not really be felt until half way through the process.

With 30 sessions, this will take about 6 weeks to complete, so I should be all done with treatments by the end of September (something I am really looking forward to). I was encouraged by this appointment and I am looking forward to start this process, mainly so that I can get done with all the treatments.

All for now.

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