Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reality Sinks In

Last weekend Jennifer and I took a trip to celebrate our anniversary (which is today) and the end of my treatments. It was a wonderful time for us to get away and just relax for a few days. And it was the start of getting back to normal, whatever that may mean.

When we returned, I had a bit of an awakening on Tuesday morning - I did not need to go and see a doctor or give a blood sample. This was something I knew, of course, but it had not really sunk in until Tuesday morning. I dropped Sierra and her friend off at school and as I was about to turn to go to the Clinic, it hit me. I needed to turn right rather than left. I needed to go to the office rather than the clinic. I am actually done with all the treatments. Like I said, I knew this, but the reality finally sunk in.

So this week has been one of getting back into the groove at church. I have been making visits to the hospital, preparing stewardship materials and adult studies, working on a sermon, getting ready for a baptism, and numerous other things that go along with day-to-day ministry. But more than that, I have been celebrating every little aspect of the day.

I know that before all of this happened, I took the daily life for granted. This is what I did, this is who I was, and so I just went about my days as if they would always be like this.

But now, now I celebrate every little moment. Last night before we came in for Kid's Club, Sierra was doing some homework (writing letters on a worksheet) and I sat there and just took that moment in. My little girl, writing letters and learning how to spell and read. A precious moment that is too easily overlooked. At the hospital earlier this week I sat with a person who was going home after surgery and saw a person filled with a second chance that inspired me to keep moving forward with everything.

There are so many moments that I took for granted in the past that I now will treasure and make into memories. And I pray that your eyes may be opened to those moments as well and you may see the blessings of God poured out upon you.

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