Friday, September 3, 2010

18 down, 7 to go

Well, the radiation has continued to go as smoothly as possible. Every morning by 8:30 am I am being zapped and the side effects have still been minimal. I have a bit of a sore throat when I eat, but not bad enough to get me to stop eating, and the ice cream always makes it feel better in the end. I have not had the side effect of being tired at all. I actually have more energy than I have had since the operation and I even signed up for a 5:15 am class at the Y. I have been told that it will be torture, but hey, I am used to that:) Seriously though, I am glad that I am feeling so good that I have the energy to pursue this class and other things in life.

I was also informed today that I have completed 18 sessions and I only have 7 left. He has decided to not add the extra 2,3, or 5 sessions at the end. I asked him if this was because I was doing so well and he said yes. Gotta love it when the docs think the treatments are going well!

Radiation takes about 10 minutes, and during that time I am lying on a table while a machine rotates around my body and zaps me from different angles. I have started to turn this time into supplemental prayer time. It is a time when I know I will not be disturbed, since there is radiation being shot in there and people really don't want to hang out in that:) In this prayer time I just let the Spirit guide me, and in doing so the majority of time is spent in prayer of thanksgiving - thanksgiving for my family, congregation, the healing touch I am receiving, and a whole host of other things. This time of thanksgiving helps me to stay focused on the positive and the many ways God is continuing to work in my life, in the congregation, and in people all around me.

Everyday I am reminded about all of the good things in life, and I continue to try and celebrate them each and every day. This morning I took Sierra and a friend of hers to school, and as I looked out the mirror as I drove away I saw them run to the playground, laughing and smiling - that is a God moment, something to be thankful for. So today, may your eyes be opened to the blessings, the joy, the gifts you are given - for as one of God's children, you are loved, cared for, and needed.

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