Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Our girls have amazing imaginations. I remember when Sierra was younger and the stories she would make up, the games she would play, and the wonderful worlds that she would live in.

And now Scarlett is the same. She turns the living room into a bedroom for her puppy (named pup-pup this week), she hides the marbles for one of her toys under blankets and tells us they are sleeping, she plays restaurant and she is the waitress named Willy, and she tells her mom where to hide when playing hide and seek.

It is a joy to watch these two and see where their imaginations take them, the worlds they create, and the joy that they have in living out in their fantasy worlds.

And there are times I am jealous, because I would like to live in their imaginative worlds as well. Growing up and losing some of that imaginative world is a real loss. So when I make the time and enter into their worlds, into their imaginations, it brings back some of that joy of being a kid and not having all of the worries and the struggles that we adults face on a daily basis.

It has also reminded me that I need to let myself be imaginative, be creative, be willing to let the Spirit invade me and be open that what might happen. Taking time to dream gives life to my soul and joy to my heart, so I have started to let myself do more and more of that on a regular basis.

What are some of things you miss from childhood and how can you recapture some of those moments?

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