Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cleaning House

With only five weeks until the new arrival comes, I have started cleaning up the house. Currently I am working in the basement to make room for all the stuff that has to be moved out of the room that the new one will be living in soon. It is amazing how much junk a person can gather in such a short period of time. I have found boxes upon boxes of things that I forgot we had.

I have also come across a number of boxes that mom passed on to me. They are items that my dad had and never did anything with. See, dad was a guy that would find wierd things and then send them out to people as gifts, such as the plastic duck with a holder for the remote. There were a number of things that he collected, but never sent off to people, and now they are in my basement (at least until Friday when the garbage goes out).

In looking through all of this stuff, I was reminded of the great sense of humor that dad had, a sense of humor that I have inherited. He always wanted to make people smile and laugh, to see the joy in life. With everything going on in the world this is something I think we need more of - not necessarily the strange gifts (yes, I was given a singing bass as well) but the idea that we need to look for the joy in life.

So today, may we all see the joy. May our eyes be opened to the fun little things in life, and may we receive the blessings we have been given with a smile on our faces.

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