Friday, August 8, 2008

Laughter Take 2

After yesterdays blog, I kept thinking about what I wrote - how we are impacted by the people that we surround ourselves with. Today I had an opportunity to surround myself with some pretty great people, and I have had a pretty great day.

It started out with my regular Friday morning golf outing. Every week I meet with a couple of guys and we chase that little white ball around. None of us are all that good but we have a lot of fun. This is a time to relax, connect with friends, and laugh at a wide variety of things, including our bad shots.

After that I had a meeting scheduled with a friend who serves a church northwest of Madison. We are starting to meet regularly to tke about life, ministry, and how we do what we do. It was a great time to catch up and support one another.

Later in the day I ran into another friend at the library and we spent time talking in the parking lot about how we are both doing.

It is these connections, these times with people and the relationships that we build that impact us in such amazing ways. Relationships are one of the things that pull us through tough times and help us to see the face of God in a much clearer fashion.

So today, may you be blessed with renewed relationships in your life, and may you treasure the relationships that you have.

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