Thursday, August 21, 2008

Moving Forward

After the past week, which was filled with everything you can imagine, I have been trying to get in gear for this week. It seems like whenever I have a busy week, the next week is one of catch-up - making sure all the little details are taken care of, and this is draining to me. But, it is one of those things that just has to be done.

So this week I have spent most of the time in front of this computer. Working on youth activities, confirmation, planning studies for the fall. I love doing all this, but at times I am just dragging.

So today I picked up Sierra a little early from daycare and went to the park for a bit. We didn't stay long, because of the rain, but she got to run around and have some fun. I love watching her at play. After that short time with her I was able to come back here, feeling renewed and ready to get going again.

Then I looked at a confirmation lesson for this fall, and it was on the Sabbath Day. We all need these Sabbath days in our lives, times to recharge and get ready. Sometimes the sabbath rest we need can be a quick trip to the park with a child, other times we need longer breaks in order to get focused on what we are doing.

So what do you do to recharge your batteries? What are some of the things that give you strength to get back into the groove?

May we all be blessed with the rest and renewal that we need.


lula said...

What do I do to recharge my battery? I borrow children--that's a biggie for me! I drive, I sleep, I visit friends, and I run away to Platteville!

chrissy said...

I recharge my batteries by just being home--playing the whole "Mrs. Cleaver" role. I like to bake, do laundry, putter in the flowerbeds and finish it off with an evening of reading and watching my husband watch TV. Then I feel well rested but more than that, just relaxed.