Sunday, February 1, 2009


Scarlett is at the wonderful age that when she sees someone she knows, she smiles. It is one of those smiles that covers her entire face and lights up a room. Whenever someone sees her smile, it just brings joy to that person.

Yesterday I went out with my mom, Sierra, and Scarlett and spent the day in Rockford. We drove through the snow sculptures, went to the mall, and had a little lunch. Scarlett slept through the entire thing, until we were about to eat. Then she opened her eyes, saw me, and just smiled. She spent the next hour just looking at us and smiling.

That little thing, a smile, just made my day. Watching her bring joy to others, seeing her have fun and smile as she watched other kids run and play, it was a true blessing to me. And it got me thinking, thinking about how such a little action, such as a smile, can make such a difference in someones life.

Little actions do a lot. It is in these actions that we can see the face of God and be reminded of what a gift life really is. So today, may you bring a moment of grace to someone else with your smile, and may you be blessed to see God's face through someone else.


lula said...

The God moment for me this week was on Sunday when I was leaving church. I was walking to my car when from the OTHER side of the parking lot I heard a SMALL someone say "I love you, Marlis". That meant SO-O-O much. I told her that I love her too. Often I feel uncomfortable telling people that matter to me that I care about them or love them. I need to go back to being innocent like a child--taking a risk and tell people that I care and not be afraid that someone will hurt me if I say it.

lula said...
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lula said...

Maddie (a three year old little girl) and I delivered Valentine wreaths to the nursing home today. Third graders at Clinton Elementary made the wreaths for the residents' doors. Maddie delivered the wreaths to the residents and then gave hugs to most of them. The residents just beamed cuz of Maddie's hugs. Maddie made their day!