Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Music

I have just finished the first of two Good Friday services, and as I sit here, reflecting on the service and preparing or Easter, I am reminded of the gift of music and how music moves the soul.

In the service I had Jennifer sing a verse of a song during the sermon, and then, at the end she did a duet of Pie Jesu. These two pieces of music were ones the brought me to my knees, for they were so filled with emotion, so filled with faith, that they brought right to where I needed to be - the foot of the cross.

We also sang "Were You There," which is one of my favorite songs. This day of reflection would not be complete for me if I did not join with my brothers and sisters in contemplating all that Christ has done for me in song.

Music moves the soul. Music brings us to where we need to be. Music is powerful.

So today, may you be blessed with the gift of music in your life, and may you have moving Good Friday experience.

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