Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Saturday

Today we live in the in between times. Passion of Christ is over. No more beatings, no more nails, no more pain. What we see is a sealed tomb. We are still waiting for the breaking of the dawn. Still waiting to see what is lurking in the darkness. Still waiting to see what great miracle God has planned

Yes, this is the in between time. In between death and new life. In between sorrow and hopeful joy. In between reality of suffering and promise of peace.

So what can we do as we wait in the darkness. What can we do as we live in the in between time?. We do what we can – we pray. Pray that God’s grace and love will be showered on all God’s children. Pray for comfort and peace for those who mourn. Pray that darkness will end and new light, a brilliant light, will break into out lives

Yes, today, as we wait in the darkness, we pray. And we pray with hopeful hearts. We pray resting in God’s promises. We pray that we will see, once again, how God will have the last word. And what a word it will be. For we pray that the last word will be one of new life.

So let us pray.

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heatherdea23 said...

You talk about the in-between...It brings to mind Nicky Gumbel's comments about the time that we are in, the in-between time when Christ has been here on earth with us and when he is returning. We are all in a time of waiting, of anticipation. We know the rest of the Lent/Easter story, but it's not always as easy to know and be sure of the rest of our story. I am sure of my salvation because of Jesus' actions that we remember this week, but I don't know what that really means. I often wonder what feelings/experiences there will be in that time. Will it be complete joy, peace, love? I hope and pray that it will be more of all of that than I can imagine.