Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Morning Walk

When the weather is nice, and I get to sleep at a decent time, I try to go for a walk in the morning. This is a time for me to get some exercise, which is always needed, and enjoy the early morning.

I have always been a morning person. I love getting up, hearing the birds chirp, watch the sun rise, and bask in the glory of a new day. It is a very comforting time of day for me.

When I was growing up, my dad and I were the two morning people in the family. It was our time to catch up, watch the news together, and just spend time with each other. I have many great memories of the two of us sitting the kitchen in Billings and enjoying the break of day.

This week the morning has a special significance. This week we will walk into the darkest night of human history - the night we now call Good Friday - and we will be surrounded by the darkness of death - the death of the Christ. But we do not stay in this dark place. For as it is with all nights, it too will come to an end. And then we get to bask in the glory of a new day, a new day of the resurrection.

This new morning that we are walking towards is one that changes all of humanity. For in this new morning we are given hope - hope that death is not the end and a new morning, a new life, is breaking into our lives.

So as we journey towards the new morning of Easter, may we always be reminded of the steps Christ took to make this new morning a reality. May we be blessed with the hope of new life in our lives. And may we celebrate the Son-rise every day of our lives.

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