Thursday, February 4, 2010

Faith and Social Media

Over the past few months I have had more and more friends get involved with social media sites, especially Facebook. During this time I have also seen a variety of ways that people are expressing their faith on these sites. Sometimes it is a post on something that they believe, sometimes it is a prayer request, and sometimes it is just a quick tweet expressing frustration or joy on something that is going on in their lives.

All of this is fascinating to me because it demonstrates the drive to find the spiritual in the world. People are searching and expressing their faith in amazing ways - sometimes healthy, sometimes not.

But in it all, there is that desire to be connected with something greater than one person alone. The desire to be connected with something spiritual in the world and in their lives. The question I have is: how can the social media sites help on this search?

I think that these sites provide a sense of community for many people and they feel safe in expressing their doubts and questions, as well as gain support for what they are going through in their lives. It does not have the stigma of a historic church where they might have been hurt in the past. It is freeing for them to be open about their search with people that they trust.

So how about you? Do you use social media sites and do you feel free to express your faith on them? I would like to hear about how your faith is impacted by these sites.

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