Friday, August 20, 2010

Radiation and Continuing Ministry

This week I completed my first full week of radiation. Overall it went very well, and the nurses love to have Sierra come up with me and talk to her while I am getting zapped. I have started to discover what "cumulative side effects" are as well. The first one has started to appear, if only a little bit. Since they are shooting the radiation directly over my throat, I am starting to feel it a little bit, esp. when I eat. This was expected, and on Thursday the doctor told me to increase the amount of calories I take in (nave had a doc tell me that before:) because in a few weeks I will probably be at a negative when it comes to calories and the amount I burn. I am preparing to eat lots of soup and milk shakes soon.

But as I came in to work today, I was also reminded about how life, and ministry, go on in the midst of these treatments. We were preparing for the Lunch Ministry when I got here. Today, in just under 40 minutes, we ran out of sandwiches, serving 100 people in that short time. There are people who show up 30 minutes early just to have some fellowship and talk with others, many of whom this si the only interaction with other people that they have all day.

The more I go through these treatments, the more blessed I feel. I feel blessed because I am part of a congregation who is motivated to serve those in need. I am blessed because I can keep doing what I am called to do - reaching out with the love of Christ to all I come in contact with. I am blessed because I have a medical team who is doing everything they can to make sure I can do these ministries as long as possible.

Being able to see the blessings always helps me to focus on the positive things that are happening in my life, and in the community I am a part of. Today, I pray that you may see the multitude of blessings that surround you.

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