Sunday, March 16, 2008


Today is Palm Sunday, a day when we start that final earthly journey with Jesus as he travels to the upper room to share a meal, is betrayed in a garden with a kiss, carries his own cross to a hill, dies a painful death, and then grants us the gift of new life as he is raised from the dead.

It is a powerful week we embark on in the church, for it is a week that is central to our faith as Christians. This week is the heart of what we believe - that Christ came for us - gave his life for us - and gives us new life through his death and resurrection.

It is also a week that reminds us of the steps that we take in life. Every step leads us somewhere - even if they are steps that lead us in circles, we are still in motion. Our lives are filled with a wonderful variety of steps - first steps, steps to school, steps down an aisle, steps into a nursery, steps into a hospital room - all steps we take on this journey called life.

And the beauty of Christ and his love for us, is that he takes these steps with us. It always amazes me that this God who is so great and so powerful knows everything about me and continues to love me, care for me, and walk the steps I take with me. The steps he takes on this last week of his earthly life remind me every year that he takes these steps for me, for you, his children, his creation.

So as you go about taking different steps, always remember you are not taking them alone. Christ is right there, walking with you. And even though you may be taking so difficult steps right now, Christ has walked that path, those steps, before. He will take the same steps you take with you and bless you with his love and compassion. He has taken steps for you, and now he takes steps with you.

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Betty Dygart said...

The title of this blog entry, "Steps," brings to mind my career in the teaching of English. I always tried to help students see that everything, a reading assignment, a composition, even the giving of a speech, had a definite beginning, middle and end. And, that there were sequences of steps to complete with any project.

Young people, however, frequently want to skip the preliminaries and jump "right to the chase." They had a hard time accepting that the scrawl they had put to paper was not the unquestionable work of genius and required no further editing or study. They claimed to have "put their whole selves into it, and there was nothing left in the well." Ah, youth...

This past Saturday I attended a bridal shower in my neighborhood. It was a nice gathering of about a dozen of us. We have been cooped up inside with the long winter and the sunny spring-like day was most enjoyable.

I had occasion to inform a couple of the women of my sudden hearing loss. "Well, that is REALLY scary!" said one.

"Yes, what if the other ear goes too? You won't be able to hear ANYTHING. I didn't know something like that could happen," she said incredulously.

They wanted to hear what STEPS I was taking to rectify what one described as a "totally unacceptable situation." I found myself having to backstep somewhat, overwhelmed a bit by the vehemence of their outrage over what they saw as making me a victim.

First, I tried to tell them that what is happening may be a blessing in disguise, that I am coping, and have actually found some advantages. (They didn't appear to believe me. I think they thought, 'she is at that stage...or step... of denial').

Then, I did tell them that I had gone to a doctor, but that we were in the early steps of investigation. They began recommending other doctors, treatments such as acupuncture and electrical stimulus.

Now, these women are not church goers. They are not godless, but they are not spiritual either. The world is very much with them. I found myself feeling sad that they could get themselves so upset over a situation which I have not found so, even though it is happening to ME. They were actually getting stressed out about it.

I still believe that what is going on is part of God's plan and I wait to see where it goes. God is good and works to good with everything He does. I refuse to be afraid and am not worrying. God is walking with me.

I wish I could make the neighbors understand where my head is, but they can only see their view. Much the pity for them. I am at peace.