Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Took, Blessed, Broke, and Gave

I was at a conference in Texas a few weeks back and heard Bishop TD Jakes speak a couple of times. In one of his talks he looked at the Lord's Supper and the four words that are in the title for today's blog - took, blessed, broke, and gave. I have been reflecting on his talk since returning, and want to look at how Jesus walks us through these steps in our lives.

Today I want to look at the word "took." When Jesus was in the upper room with his disciples before he was handed over to be crucified, he shared in a special meal - a meal we now call the Last Supper. He took bread and a cup. If we look back through scripture we see that God "takes" his children many different ways and many different places. Abraham was "taken" from his home and led out on a journey to the promised land. Joseph was taken by his brothers and by some bandits to a new land. David was taken from caring for sheep to become a king. Even Jesus was taken from the waters of baptism to the wilderness.

The same happens to us today. We are "taken" from the waters of baptism into a new life - a life where we are blessed and strengthened with God's grace and love. Other times in our lives we are "taken" from what is comfortable to things and places that are new, and sometimes uncomfortable. And when we are "taken" by God to something or someplace new, we need to watch and see where it is God is leading us - taking us - to go. For God opens doors for us in ways we can never expect, giving us the gifts we need to enter into this new journey of life, and of faith.

So where is God taking you? What possibilities is he opening up for you, and what gifts is he giving you as you enter this new land?

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Betty Dygart said...

I have remembrances of sitting beside my mother in church as a child, with the early Sunday morning light filtering down on us through the stained glass window. It made me feel chosen by God, almost highlighted, made to stand out amidst the congregation. I felt special.

Adding to the experience was the sound of my mother's beautiful soprano voice, her one arm around me and the other holding the hymnal. It was an ethereal happening.

Sight, sound, touch...all these avenues of "taking in" the presence of God, were at work within and without me. How can anyone deny the overpowering "here-ness" of God in such a setting?

I thank God for providing me the blessing of such a mother, putting me beside her on such Sundays, and allowing me to hold the cherished memory close to my heart, even now.