Friday, March 7, 2008


Welcome to my first attempt at blogging - I am excited to try this out and find ways we can interact on the web. My hope and prayer is that this blog will provide some ideas to think about and help all of us grow in our lives of faith together.


Pr. E said...
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Betty Dygart said...

This is a wonderful idea, Pastor E!

As I find myself working through the regimen of meds given to me in hope of regaining the total loss of hearing in my left ear, I am not worrying, because it occurs to me that, as they say, "there is a reason for everything." Already I am viewing the world differently, as I can no longer hear some things, but am perceiving others, through other means.

I find myself asking myself some questions: Has God found a way to alter my perceptions, in a way that only He could accomplish? And, why this, why now?

Here are some of the changes I have noticed:

I have difficulty following a conversation when I am in a crowded room, and therefore do much better one-on-one with another person.

When I am listening to another person, I find I need to work harder at it, am more attentive.
I have begun to look that person squarely in the eye, (and mouth) to aid in being sure I am hearing them correctly.

It is more difficult to sing with assurance, because I cannot always tell what is being sung by those around me. (I found myself on my own wrong verse on Sunday...oops!)

I would like to continue singing in the choir, but think it better that I do not, as it wouldn't be fair to the others. There is more forgiveness, singing in the pew.

Oh, another really good thing is that my car is running a lot quieter. (ha)