Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yesterday a group of us from the church were at a conference with Reggie McNeal. It was a wonderful event, and was a very good reminder about how we "be" the church in the world.

I had heard Reggie speak once before, and one of the points that he continually makes has to do with blessings - and how we bless others who we come in contact with in our daily lives. This reminded me that people are so hungry for spiritual growth. People go out and buy books upon books trying to find meaning and purpose. People want to get in touch with the divine. And we have the opportunity to help them on their journey by offering blessings to others.

One of the stories that Reggie tells (and I am sure that this will come up in a sermon sometime soon) has to do with a waitress that he met at a local diner. Before he eats, he tells whoever is serving him that he is going to ask for a blessing for his food and asks if he can ask God to bless that person for anything as well. He did this with the waitress and she said no, then left immediately. She came back a couple of minutes later and asked Reggie if he prayed for her. He said yes, and she said, that is so amazing - here is what just happened.

You know, God likes to show off. God lives to bless others. God desires to have all his children be filled with his grace and love. And we are given the opportunity to help in this process by blessing others with our prayers and our actions.

So today, may we all find ways to bless another person. And when you do, let me know. I would love to hear and share your stories as well.

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