Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Crazy Dance

This afternoon I got to spend some time with Sierra after her nap. It started out with her waking up slowly as she tried to get her bearings and I cleaned up a little. Then it moved into a time of crazy dancing. She put on some music (Lost and Found - I love them), and just started jumping, swinging, and going nuts. Soon I was doing the same thing, shaking the house as we danced all around.

I thought about that as I came in to do some work this evening. You know, there are times when you just have to let everything go - swing and dance, and act a little crazy. It is not anything I would ever want caught on video tape - at least not my part of the dancing - but it is great to just let everything out and have fun like we did when we were kids.

I then came in to get ready for a funeral, and thought about the serious side of life. The 3rd chapter of Ecclesiastes rang out in my mind - For everything there is a season.

There are times to be serious, and times to crazy dance.

There are times to cry over loss and times to celebrate the memories.

There are times to sit in silence with loved ones and times to jump and shout as children.

There are so many seasons of life - may we all be blessed in sharing in as many seasons as possible and seeing the blessings of God in whatever seasons we happen to be in at them time.


Betty Dygart said...


Who Said It: St. Ambrose

When: 387 A.D.

The Story behind It: When St. Augustine arrived in Milan, he observed that the Church did not fast on Saturday as did the Church at Rome. He consulted St. Ambrose, bishop of Milan, who replied: "When I am at Rome, I fast on a Saturday; when I am at Milan, I do not. Follow the custom of the Church where you are." The comment was changed to "When they are at Rome, they do there as they see done" by Robert Burton in his Anatomy of Melancholy. Eventually it became "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

So, there you have it. "When you are with Sierra, you do as Sierra does." It is the neighborly thing to do AND it is approved by St. Ambrose!

We all need our times to do a crazy dance. Life is too short to do otherwise.

Blessings on your times of uninhibited joy.

Anonymous said...

sometimes you just have to let it go because the world we live in can be so negative and serious and depressing. we more so hear about the shootings, drugs, and hate that goes on between each other and how cancer has taken another life. but really what about the dad who got an extra week or month because of the chemo treatment to spent with his little boy fishing or teaching him to change his bike tire. i know i would watch the news more if i heard more stories like that. i believe in dancing like crazy, singing at the top of your lungs in the car with the windows down, and not being scaried to act "stupid" for Jesus. that was always the memo at work at Lutherdale last summer because you get the kids that have the negative attitudes about Bible Camp, but if you can just reach out to them by making a fool of yourself and showing them how much fun we Lutherans can have...they don't want to leave at the end of the week.
so go do a crazy dance!!!!