Thursday, July 17, 2008


Earlier this month I got a new phone. The old one was wearing out and had been dropped enough times to make it look as if I had found it in a junkyard. So I upgraded to a phone that does everything - e-mail, games, planner, and yes, even make calls. I have been having fun trying to figure the thing out.

But one of the first things I did with this new phone was find out how to silence it. I have been in meetings and even worship services where phones have started ringing, and it can be a little annoying, so I wanted to make sure that mine could be silenced.

At the conference we were at this last week, there were a number of times when someone's phone went off - normally in the middle of the speakers lecture. I started to think, it is amazing how connected we want/need to be in life.

Years ago, in the dark ages before cell phones, we all, somehow, made it through life without being as connected as we now are. But today, and I am as guilty of this as anyone else, we "need" to be more reachable. Maybe it is our own egos, maybe we really do need to be in contact with others, maybe we get bored way too easy and need another outlet.

But, and here is the point I am trying to make, do we make the same effore with God? Do we try to stay as connected with God as we do with others in our lives? Are we willing to put a conference, a meeting, etc, on hold to spend time with God - the one who gives us everything in our lives?

So today, the question is - how connected are you with God? May we all make God the number one priority in our lives and spend time with him, searching out his will for us.

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lula said...

For me, the need for a cell phone isn't really needing to be connected with anyone but to be safe. It IS annoying when someone's phone rings during a church service or during a play. You're right! We need to be more connected with God.