Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Blessed Church

Last year our Congregation Board read a book called "Becoming a Blessed Church." This is a great read that helps all of us to take time and focus on what God is calling us to do, while trying to put out will and desires in line with what God wants. The book was so popular that we are getting the author to come to our Synod and lead an event n March.

As I read through this book, again, I was reminded what a blessed church this is that I serve. The vast majority of the people are filled with joy and really want to find ways to use their gifts to further the kingdom. It is exciting to see all the ways people are stepping forward and doing new things and taking ownership in different aspects of the church.

And I was also reminded how we need to take time and reflect on the blessings that others bring to us. We need to let others know what a gift they are to us and how they help us to grow in whatever ways they do so.

So today, I have a challenge for you - call, write, or e-mail someone who has been a blessing to you. Let that person know what a gift they are to you and offer them some words of encouragement. When we do this, we help to shine the light of Christ in the lives of others.

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