Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TC - Days 18, 19, 20, 21

I got a little bit behind over the weekend, so today is my catch up day.

18 - I am thankful for decongestant. With a cold, this is a true blessing :)

19 - I am thankful for the new snow. Yes, I know this sounds weird, but as I was driving to school today all Sierra could talk about was playing in the snow and building a fort with me. That kind of time together is precious, and I thankful that the snow brought that to light.

20 - I am thankful for the creativity of my wonderful wife. She wrote the advent Sunday School curriculum and the Christmas program, which was last weekend. It was wonderful and her ability to tie in the story, crafts, and service projects to all of it was great.

21 - I am thankful for the Hands of Faith program. This is a program that houses the homeless in churches throughout the Beloit area. This week we are housing it, and with all the snow and cold, I am thankful that we can be a part of helping those who are in need.

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