Tuesday, January 17, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy - Creation

Okay, I went way back with this picture. That is Sierra when she was Scarlett's age.

Today the snow is pouring down, the roads are icy, much shoveling will need to be done, and I am celebrating the joy of creation and the seasons.

I love the seasons, all of them, and I love to spend time out in the great gift of creation in each season doing different things. So as the snow falls I am starting to think about the forts that will be made, snowball fights that will take place, and ski tracks that will be laid.

Yes, I love creation and just going out for a walk no matter the weather. It is during that time that I reminded of the great power and beauty of this God who created all and the awesome responsibility we have to help care for it.

The reason I chose the picture above for today wasn't to serve as a reminder of the joy of summer (and props to my mother-in-law for taking the picture), but rather it is because of the beauty of the picture itself. A child immersed in nature, smiling and enjoying the blessings of all that she is surrounded by.

Yes, my joy today is the joy of creation. What are you celebrating today?

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