Tuesday, January 3, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy - Sacred Home

"A river and its streams bring joy to the city, which is the sacred home of God Most High"  Psalm 46:4 CEV

As I start this journey of looking at and celebrating the joys in our lives, I want to start with the joy of the city. Our congregation is in the inner city part of Beloit. It is a city with a very high unemployment rate and there are many needs in the area, especially right around the church.

So one of the joys that I see is the way that this congregation, and the community at large really, is working to help meet those needs. We have a day house for a homeless shelter on our grounds and we host a weekly lunch where we will feed anywhere from 50 to 150 depending on the week.

For me the true joy here is in the way the people of this congregation are being the hands of God in the world. They see a need, they see something that has to change, and they make it happen.

So there is Joy #1 - the joy of being in this city and celebrating the work of the people here.

So what is joy #1 for you today?

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